OPEN community Minecraft server: OASIS.learn.study

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We are currently running a simple single instance in OpenShift.

We are looking into expanding this to multiple dynamically started and stopped Pods routed through a bungee proxy.


We continously deploy (CI/CD) the master branches of our main repos to our live Minecraft server.

With great power comes great responsability! ;-)


Worlds are parts of Universes which we store on OpenShift (really Kubernetes) Persistent Volume Claims in this format:


For now, we manually upload locally existing worlds like this:

  1. oc new-app openjdk18-web-basic-s2i

  2. use UI at /browse/storage to create a new Persistent Volume Claim

  3. oc volume dc/openjdk-app –add –mount-path /deployments/PV –claim-name=

  4. oc get pods

  5. oc rsync /some/local/dir/ openjdk-app-…:/deployments/PV

  6. Check if it worked:

$ oc rsh dc/openjdk-app
sh-4.2$ ls /deployments/PV/
  1. oc delete dc/openjdk-app

The Minecraft Server OpenShift Deployment Configuration then has storage added to mount such a volume at /deployments/persistent.

In the future, we may have web services and UI to allow end-users to do this themselves.