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Run admin commands from Discord chat

As an Op, you can run administrative commands like below from our Discord chat (web, or mobile!) without having to be logged in to the Minecraft GUI client using !cmd /help & Co.

Not all plugins’ commands work through chat. For example Nucleus’ /world only works in-game; on chat !cmd /world is unknown, and !cmd world works but is silent, because it outputs only to STDOUT on the server container log, not into chat.

Player Permissions

/lp user <PLAYER> showtracks
/lp user <PLAYER> promote level
/lp user <PLAYER> demote level

do several times, until reaching the right level; currently:

These groups may be changed in the future.

To debug missing permissions (and then add), use:

/lp verbose on <YOU>
/lp check <PLAYER> minecraft.command.tp
/lp editor
/lp verbose off <YOU>


A server can contain several worlds! We use Nucleus for their administration. Here’s how to navigate:

/world list
/world load aworld
/spawn aworld
/world tp aworld michaelpapa7

This is how to create new ones:

/world create -g minecraft:default_1_1 --gm survival --di minecraft:easy survive
/world create -g flat --gm creative --di peaceful rhjom
/world create -g flat --gm adventure --di peaceful lobby
/world setspawn
/world sethardcore | setdifficulty | sethardcore

This is how to unload and delete no longer used worlds:

/world unload aworld
/world remove aworld